Welcome to Wired for Living

We are a Lancashire based company with over ten years of experience specialising in designing, supplying and installing bespoke home entertainment and control systems.  From a single room surround sound system to a fully automated home we can help you to achieve your dreams.

First and foremost we listen to your requirements, your hopes and your aspirations.  Our job is to untangle the web of new technology that seems to change on a daily basis and to advise you on the systems that will best deliver what you need.  We will make suggestions that can enhance your system and we explain everything in plain language, not jargon.  And because we deal with a huge range of manufacturers we can deliver a system that suits you properly and comes in on budget.

The modern home has changed so much in recent years.  No longer do we have specific rooms for specific functions.  We want to be able to listen to music everywhere, watch high definition TV on all our TV’s, push a button to create a new lighting mood and even have a fully specified home cinema system incorporated into our living room.  We may want to be able to check on our home from abroad and control everything from our smartphone.  There are so many options available that it can be baffling and our aim is to cut through all the technical information and deliver a system that does what you want and is controlled exactly how you want it.

The menu options on the left take you through the services we offer in a little more detail.  Your requirements may fit one of the categories quite specifically but, if not, we pride ourselves in finding bespoke solutions where our clients want something out of the ordinary.  If you want to call us, our contact details are here or you can fill in the contact form and we will call you back.

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